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Lera Auerbach
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CD Title
Artist(s): ProMusica Chamber Orchestra
Description: Works by Lera Auerbach, Gabriela Lena Frank and Joan Tower
Label: Summit
Release No: DCD 573
UPC: 099402573922
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A recording comprised of three commissioned concertos by three internationally acclaimed women composers: Gabriela Lena Frank, Lera Auerbach, and Joan Tower.


1-4)  Compadrazgo (2006) [20:36]
         Composed by Gabriela Lena Frank
         w/ David Finkel, cello & Wu Han, piano

         I. Compadrazgo
         II. Scherzo Para Sipan
         III. Adagio Para Amantani
         IV. T'Inku
5)    Fragile Solitudes for String Quartet and Orchestra (2008) [23:11]
       Composed by Lera Auerbach w/ The Borromeo String Quartet

6)   Purple Rhapsody (2005) [19:03]
      Composed by Joan Tower w/ Paul Neubauer, viola

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