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Lera Auerbach

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    • Songs of No Return 
    • for Soprano and Piano [2007]
  • Commissioned by KölnMusik
  • Text by:  Lera Auerbach (Part 1), Sylvia Plath (Part 2), Maxine Kumin (Part 3)
  • Language:  English
  • Publisher:  Not Published
  • Genre: Voice and Piano 
  • Duration: 26 min

PART I. • Diary of the Unknown Self
1. I am only a Shadow of my Words (Andante)
2. Writer’s Block (Allegro agitato)
3. A Childhood Memory (Andante sognando)
4. First Kiss (Allegro ma non troppo, molto marcato)
5. The Darkness (Allegro assai)
6. Time and its Mirror (Moderato energico, marcato)
PART II. • Lady Lazarus (Con brio, energico marcato)
PART III. • Revisionist Dream (She Didn’t Kill Herself that Afternoon) (Andante)

First Performance: 06 January 2008 | Cologne, Germany
First Performers: Vignoles, Roger (Piano), Denoke, Angela (Soprano)
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