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Lera Auerbach
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Composer: Lera Auerbach
Fragile Solitudes (Shadowbox) for String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra [2008]
In memoriam Joseph Cornell
Commissioned by ProMusica Chamber Orchestra
(Musikverlag Hans Sikorski GmbH & Co. KG)
Live World Premiere Performance (Unedited audio-file)
Performance Date: 05 April 2008 | Southern Theatre | Columbus, OH | USA

Performers: Borromeo String Quartet (ensemble); ProMusica Chamber Orchestra (ensemble); Russell, Timothy (conductor)
Instrumentation: 2(picc, alto fl).2(cor anglais).2(bass cl).2(db bn) – – cel. strings

About Joseph Cornell and his shadowboxes:

Joseph Cornell (1903-1972), an American artist and sculptor, collected and carefully juxtaposed found objects in small, glass-front boxes. Cornell created visual poems in which surface, form, texture, and light play together. Using things we can see, Cornell made boxes about things we cannot see: ideas, memories, fantasies, and dreams. He created a unique, highly individual and personal style, when the objects of everyday life would suddenly gain a different meaning and dimension, bringing memories and metaphors. Although his constructions are enveloped in nostalgia–the longing for something that happened long ago and far away–heir appearance is throughly modern.

-Quote provided courtesy of Joan Sommers and Ascha Drake from their book The Jospeh Cornell Box: Found Objects, Magical Worlds

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